Jul 29, 2013

Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in...

...are you aware the shape I'm in? My hands they shake, my head it spins. Ah Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in.
~ I And Love And You (The Avett Brothers)

Jul 27, 2013

You keep a lot of secrets...

...and I keep none. Wish I could go back and keep some.
~ Fireproof (The National)

I love TV shows. And I love the moments when I'm watching and suddenly hear something familiar in the background. Especially if it's my favorite band. I'm really lucky that their songs get a lot of air play on my favorite shows, so I get to listen to them even when I'm watching TV.

This song was featured on season 4 premiere of Covert Affairs ♥

Jul 23, 2013

I thought I saw a smile

I've found a way to make you, I've found a way, a way to make you smile...
~ At My Most Beautiful (R.E.M.)

Jul 18, 2013

I know I'm not falling in love...

...I'm just falling to pieces.
~ Wreck of the Day (Anna Nalick)

You know how sometimes you just can't leave that repeat button alone? Yeah, this is one of those times...

Jul 9, 2013

I drove all night here to tell you I love you

I've spent hours on trains listening to this song. Whatever mood you're in, it's good. It's really sad but the story behind it is what makes it so amazing. It follows you, guides you, help you if you need it, and most of all, inspires you. I love it! Even after all these years I still have it on my mp3 player and it still goes with me wherever I go.

I guess you're either headin' somewhere or endin' up somewhere
I tried the bible, I tried the bottle,
I tried the needle, I tried to love people
And in the end there ain't nothin' to say
And in the end there ain't nothin' you can say anyway
~ Book of James (We Are Augustines)

Jul 7, 2013


Volcano Choir is one of Justin Vernon's (know mostly for Bon Iver) many bands/projects. Their second album Repave will be released on September 3, 2013. Their label, Jagjaguwar, released one of their tracks - Byegone - on YouTube in the middle of June.

The song also appeared in this week's All Songs Considered (NPR) along with five other songs by The Pixies, John Grant, Dessa, Lowland Hum and Daefheaven. You can hear the show or selected tracks HERE.

Jul 5, 2013

I wish everybody knew what's so great about you

*Title from This is the Last Time by The National.
July 2nd - Zagreb, Croatia

One of the best days (and nights) of my life. Many things happened that day and they weren't all good. But they were entertaining. Or at least very memorable. Hours of walking in circles because the city map we got at the train station wasn't really helpful (it actually hurt more than helped). Searching for Šalata and realizing we passed the road to it on our "long walk". Very weird déjà vu. Getting scared half to death by a kid who wanted money from me. Then he told me to die (which I almost did, I guess he missed that). Irresponsible dog owners. Really cold shower. And finally - Šalata.